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Law and Market

The organization unit Law and Market, together with its special units, monitors the legally conforming application of the alcohol legislation. It plans and executes the legislation projects which are coherent to this legislation. It is in charge of judging the appeals in the fields of administrative- and taxation law. It has the responsibility of giving legal advice to other organization units.

Also part of its tasks is the guaranteeing of lawful prosecution in the area of administrative penal law, especially the superintendence of compliance of the legal provisions while implementing penal investigations. It makes decisions on the penalty- and subsequent claims that lie within its competence, and it is entrusted with their enforcement in the various court instances.

Finally, the unit Law and Market monitors the correct and uniform application of the provisions regarding the trade and advertising of spirits, and in particular, it gives information and advice in this business branch. Besides, it co-ordinates the collaboration and information between the federal government and the cantons with regard to the retail trade.

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